Building sustainable communities, and finding pathways to belonging.

Welcome, community and faith leaders, librarians, and civic group members. We are grateful for the difference you are making and the interest that has brought you to this page!

World Outside My Shoes believes deeply that sustainable growth must be deeply rooted in community organizations like yours. We want to partner with you and your initiatives in creating an environment where compassionate curiosity leads to stronger human connection. We design events with your community’s needs in mind. It can look like:
  • Lunchtime or evening presentations for civic groups, libraries and faith groups.
  • Worship service presentations, leadership team conversations, and youth group events.
  • Keynote presentation at appreciation events for your organization’s members and supporters.
  • Screening of the documentary “I’m Not Leaving” followed by live or virtual Q&A with Carl Wilkens.
  • And more!

Tailoring the Experience

We want to get to know you! Every community has its own unique identity. We want to know about you and the community you serve. Each presentation is tailored to meet the context in which it is shared and the needs of your community. A phone conversation in advance will help us design the ideal program and budget for your communities' time with Carl Wilkens. No matter which country you are in around the world, we are looking forward to visiting with you virtually, or in person!

Head-to-Heart Engagement

We believe the possibility for healing, for restoration, for connection exists – even when it seems unattainable. One of the greatest gifts we have in life is the ability to expand our perspective and thoughts about the world we live in and the people we are in relationship with.

By answering the questions “How does a nation move from genocide to rebuilding? What does it mean for us?”, we can begin to navigate our own day-to-day tensions and conflicts, we can embrace a more restorative way of engaging the world.

Finding Connection through Curiosity

What does it mean to reframe the way we see the world? Our storytelling does not stop with Rwanda’s tragic history but moves forward to their powerful and inspiring recovery process. Through case studies, testimonies, and stories we’ll navigate the larger themes of human connection and restoration within our own communities and selves. Together we’ll explore how these stories can help build our capacity to navigate the complexities of interpersonal conflict and rebuild trust.

All of our available presentations and learning opportunities seek to achieve the following:

  • Explore methods and tools for effective introspection so as to meet differences with curiosity.
  • Challenge our own identity and examine assumptions we make within the stories we tell and are told.
  • Build our capacity to navigate the complexities of interpersonal conflict through case studies, testimonies, and stories that illustrate World Outside My Shoe’s values, and the innovation of those who have done so successfully, our Rwandan partners and friends.
  • Examine the dynamics and relationships of our social landscape through the lens of social, emotional, and neurological intelligence. 
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A sampling of our content: A Hope-Based Process for Addressing Division


Interactive Assemblies & Community visits

No matter where you are in the world, our 30 to 90 minute presentations are available both in-person or online. Through a series of stories, we cover moments from the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda all the way through to the nation’s reconstruction and dynamics today.

professional Development

Workshops are story-based learning experiences brimming with dynamic conversations! Participants will explore the decision points, choices, and key relationships involved in navigating times of tremendous risk both during the genocide as well as the physical and psychological demands of the years that followed.

Film Screenings With Live Or Virtual Q&A

Using interviews, archival footage, and animations, the 40-minute film I’m Not Leaving serves as an excellent resource, followed by an in-person or virtual Q&A session with Carl Wilkens.

Rwanda Educational Immersive Experience

“How can people live together peacefully when betrayal, murder, and genocide is such a recent part of their history?” That’s the question we address as we traverse the scenic hills of Rwanda for 10 days visiting memorials and school campuses, farms and factories, speaking with survivors, perpetrators and government officials, all working together to build a new Rwanda.


What can we accomplish today?

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